Hungry? Have a coffee machine?

Written By: Zachary Singer

Have you ever been sitting in your dorm hungry? Have you ever wondered about the amazing foods you could make for yourself without leaving the comfort of your room? Are you tired of eating pop tarts? I am going to tell you how to make several delicious meals using a coffee maker. Yes, a coffee maker!

One of the more simple things to make in a coffeepot is hardboiled eggs. First, obtain a few eggs. Fill your coffee maker with water and let the eggs sit in the coffee pot on the heating element. Wait several minutes as hot water drips on the eggs, once the eggs are engulfed in water for a few minutes, they are ready. From this point you can either peal and eat your eggs or cut them up and add some mayo and make some egg salad.

If this is too complicated, you can make delicious ramen by just filling the coffee maker up with water and putting the ramen in the pot. This can also be done with Easy Mac. When the Noodles are ready simply pour the cheese sauce in the pot and stir, making a delicious and simple meal. Oatmeal and rice can easily be made in the pot as well using the same method. Almost any kind of noodles! Use your imagination!

If you have mastered the simple techniques of using a coffee maker to make your food, you can move on to more gourmet meals like chicken pesto pasta. To make the pesto sauce first obtain a coffee grinder and add olive oil, pine nuts, salt, pepper, garlic and fresh basil if you are into it. Grind this up and you now have a delicious pesto sauce for your chicken. Now, take a piece of chicken and you can cook it straight on the heating element. Use the same ramen technique to cook the pasta. Put on a plate and eat. You have just made a gourmet meal in a coffee pot! It may not be the most appealing meal, but it’s delicious food.

You can even cook fish or steaks the same way as the chicken. If you’d like to substitute the pasta for something, purchase some potato flakes and put them in the coffee pot with a little bit of water in the coffee maker, you will have some fluffy mashed potatoes for your delectable meal!

Still hungry for desert?

Get some chocolate chips or a few chocolate candy bars and put them in the coffee pot. Stir them frequently until you have created delicious fondue. Yes, you can make fondue on a coffee maker. Get some bananas, strawberries, gram crackers, anything your heart desires. Have a fondue party in your dorm. Impress people!

Now that you have learned to utilize a coffee maker for purposes other than making coffee, I hope you use these techniques when you are sitting in your dorm with no cooking utensils. Who needs an oven and a stove when you have a nice coffee machine? Use your new cooking methods to impress people or just to make a nice dinner for two.

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