All About George

Written by: Alexander Sipala

When students have graduated high school and are worrying about what to bring to college they realize just how much is needed; clothes, dishes, a mini fridge, etc.  Probably one of the most beneficial things I brought to college was a George Foreman grill.  If you’re living in the dorms on a tight budget it’s practically a necessity.

First off, most college students live off a low budget.  This means their money is either being spent on food or gas.  There’s a meal plan or there is what I like to call the “Publix plan.” This is basically my corky way of saying you buy your own food from grocery stores.  Unfortunately if you’re anything like I was as a freshman, you either buy the cheapest variation of a product (like the generic brand of Apple Jacks called Apple Dapples) or you buy a ton of sandwich meat and bread and live off of sandwiches for a year. On a side note, salad dressings can second as sandwich toppings.

The reason I explained all of that is because by purchasing a George Foreman grill you can be expand the meals you are capable of making by a substantial amount.  Think about it.  The first thing most people get is a microwave for all that cheap canned food and Ramen Noodles.  If you have a George Foreman grill though, now you can really start cooking.  Fish, chicken, hamburgers, and even steak are now at your fingertips.  What’s even better is now that you’re the only person in your dorm that can grill burgers; you won’t even have to pay for the food.  You can just have other people bring it while you cook it.  That’s a win-win if I ever saw one!  If you have ever questioned the godliness that is the George Foreman grill then you’d better sit down because I’m about to knock your socks off.

It makes the food it cooks, healthier than it would be than if cooked another way!

When trying to avoid putting on the dreaded freshman 15, eating healthy is the only way to fly.  With the George Foreman grill the grease and fat that you would normally be ingesting every time you grill a steak now gets squeezed and drained out of your steak and into a grease catcher.  This is probably the greatest invention since sliced bread.  Now not only is cooking delicious food a breeze, it’s not fattening!

Now I know what you’re probably thinking.  Other than expensive foods like steak, what can I cook on a George Foreman grill that is cheap and delicious?  Basically any kind of simple sandwich can be slapped on this grill and tweaked into a totally different dish.  Take a normal grilled cheese sandwich for example.  Throw a little agave nectar on that bad boy, maybe some sliced tomatoes and basil and BAM! You’ll have your friends thinking you’re related to Martha Stewart in no time.

After everything that you now know about the most legendary dorm room cooking utensil on the planet, if you are an incoming freshman and don’t heed my word then I can guarantee you will be missing out on not only an overwhelming amount of delicious meals, but also the opportunity provided to expand your culinary insight.

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