The True Color of UNF is Green

The True Color of UNF is Green

Written By: Steven Cerri

Have you ever wondered what will happen to the Earth when its natural resources have all been used up? There are reasons to believe we may never be faced with that question if people take the proper precautions now. At the University of North Florida the entire community believes in that and it is has strived to prove it over the last seven years.

In 2004, the UNF Environmental Center was founded. Two years later the Social Sciences building opened, making it the first energy efficient building on campus. The President of the University, John Delaney, committed to making sure all future buildings on campus would also be “Green.” The building is of amazing design and was the first of its kind in all of Northeast Florida. “Because UNF is surrounded by nature, it makes sense that we would try to be sensitive to the environment,” said UNF President John A. Delaney. “The certification of the Social Sciences Building sends a message that UNF is environmentally responsible.”

The school continues to make great strides to remain amongst the most energy efficient campuses in the country. In 2011, UNF has been recognized and given many great accolades for the work done on campus. One of the biggest accomplishments was being named in Sierra Magazine’s Top 100 “Coolest Schools” this year. “Making the Sierra Club 100 Coolest Schools list is an important first for UNF,” said Dr. Radha Pyati, director of UNF’s Environmental Center. “We have worked hard at making our campus more environmentally sustainable and this kind of recognition among our peers tells us that we are a valuable part of a critical global movement.”

On top of being included in Sierra Magazine, UNF has received eight other major awards recently. Including, a Top “Green” College by The Princeton Review and a place on Forbes Magazine List for Best College in the South and Best College in America.

From my experience at UNF, during my first semester, I have been tremendously impressed with how efficient all the students are on campus. Everyone recycles the necessary items to keep campus a safe and clean environment. It is exciting to see the construction going on around campus and what it may be like for future generations of students.

With a pro-active attitude, a committed student body, and faculty UNF has set goals and reached a new level of being environmentally friendly. The school has already made great changes in the last five years and the future will hopefully show even better results for UNF and its surrounding community.

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