Written By: Katy Jordan

I love UNF.

And the biggest reason I love UNF is the LGBT Resource Center on campus.

Located in the Student Union, the LGBT Center is a place to visit and find solace amongst the woes of college life. The center provides a safe haven for all students and staff, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression. Everyone who is a part of the LGBT community has approached me with a sort of radiant effervescence which provides such a communal atmosphere.

UNF is one of only two colleges in Florida with an LGBT center- the other being The University of Florida.

The center is an excellent place to go for great conversation, lots of love, and some of the best hot chocolate on campus.

There is also a library stocked full of wonderful books and DVDs about gender, sexual orientation, and the LGBT community.

As part of the “straight alliance,” I have been honored by the opportunity to stand alongside the staff as part of the Human Rights campaign.  I thoroughly enjoyed talking about the LGBT Center, and getting people excited about it. I really felt a part of something bigger than myself. It was truly a humbling experience and I’m grateful that I got to meet so many magnificent people in such a short amount of time.

Another great resource partnered with the LGBT is the Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network, or JASMYN.

Check out their website at:

There are many other extraordinary things about the LGBT center. To check out all the neat stuff they’re doing, visit their webpage at: or just stop by!

I’d encourage everyone to check out the center at some point during their UNF experience. I also highly recommend the drag show!

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