Greek Life

Written by: Brittany Stromquist

Ever since I can remember, I never thought being a Greek would be what defined the kind of person I am. The first thing I thought about when I thought of Greek Life, were kegs, togas, and prissy girls who care about their tan and makeup. When I came to UNF, I got the opportunity to meet a lot of the Greek Life. From knowing people in high school to Greeks being in my classes, I immediately knew that Greek Life was worth a shot.

After the fall semester started, I quickly signed up for Greek Life. Soon after, recruitment began and I became a new member to the Best Sorority on Campus, Alpha Chi Omega. Within the first day of being in Alpha Chi, I got Swine Flu and couldn’t go to anything. I was so upset because I just felt like I kept missing out on everything. It didn’t even take a day for the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega to bring me soup, movies, medicine, and take me to the doctor. I knew these women for not even 24 hours and they were already there for me. That’s when I knew, “paying for your friends” is just a statement that people say about Greeks who can’t come to terms with all the good that Greeks do.

I quickly became involved in my sorority and held positions within the chapter. I loved helping out my chapter and doing good was how I fit in. I learned about the Judicial Processes of a sorority, quickly learned the value of event planning and learned how important philanthropic events can be. Alpha Chi Omega’s Philanthropy is Domestic Violence Awareness. At first I didn’t really understand the impact of this philanthropy but it only took a little bit to suddenly halt my seemingly “perfect life” compared to these families, and realize how much we have to offer.

Alpha Chi Omega at UNF has the privilege and honor of being allowed to go to Jacksonville’s Hubbard House. The Hubbard House is a safe haven for families who are in domestic violent situations and a secret location so they can live there away from the person who is hurting them.  We toured the facility and saw where the families lived, ate and where the younger children went to school. It was so eye opening knowing how lucky we are to not have to be in that type of situation.

Last year, Alpha Chi raised almost $5,000 during our Philanthropy Week, Dodging Domestic Violence. This year at our annual Family Dinner, all of our families attended a dinner and held a silent auction that raised over $2,000. In November, we will be having out first Greek Sing, in effort to raise more money to donate to the Hubbard House of Jacksonville. This will be a fun event where groups sing and dance to songs and be judged on their performance. Whichever organization wins will get $100 donated to their philanthropy they support.

In the end, Greek Life has shaped who I am and who I will be for the rest of my life, a sorority woman. I honestly feel like Greek Life has so much potential and if people were to get rid of the negative stereotypes and let us show who we really are then it will be for the best. Greeks are here for service, leadership, dedication, and commitment to not just their organization, but also the community as a whole. Alpha Chi Omega will be in my life forever, they will be the bridesmaids at my wedding, the Godmother’s of my children, and the sisters I will have for the rest of my life.

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