Written by: Chelsea Shipman

It’s that time of year! The time that can put a student ahead or send them plummeting to the bottom. The time of year that college students dread as much as Finals. It’s time for midterms.

For me, midterms can be positive and negative. The positive is that it marks a halfway point, halfway done with the semester and one more step towards graduation. The negative is the stress! With more professors weighing the midterm and final test heavily and reducing the amount of tests in between, it becomes imperative to do well on both. Over the years, I would like to say I’ve learned many tricks of the trade to achieve success. As a senior, I’m still trying to figure it out! So to keep it positive, I’ve decided to use this blog space to share my tips on what NOT to do in preparation for midterms in an effort to help those with my same problem.

Cram. A word known to college student’s worldwide. Some are successful when doing so, but in my case, it’s a set up for failure. Cramming is squeezed in after a week of work and school, and a weekend of partying with friends. You’re going to be tired and some of the information you’re trying to cram in the night before the test is bound to be lost somewhere in the outskirts of your brain. Cramming is definitely a no-go!

Staying up late the night before the test is also a bad idea. Whether it’s due to cramming or talking on the phone, it has its effects. Trying to drag yourself out of the bed the next day is a struggle and very unpleasant. Once you finally make it to the classroom with the test in front of you, you may find yourself in a skirmish with your eyelids in an effort to stay awake. Not only are you dealing with that, you have to somehow rack your brain for the correct information to complete the test. Learning the information needed is stressful enough, something as minor as staying awake, should be a non-factor when considering what is needed to pass.

The last but most important tip should not be taken lightly. STAY AWAY FROM SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES WHILE TRYING TO STUDY! Facebook and Twitter have distracted me for hours on many occasions. A five-minute break has the capability of ruining your study time and can result in cramming. One tweet or Facebook post can be dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Use your study time to focus with minimal distractions around you. If breaks must be taken, use them to get a snack or use the bathroom. Time is of the essential and should be used wisely.

These are things that most of us have heard throughout our scholastic years. Hopefully reading it through this post from a peer can help somebody and allow him or her to learn from my mistakes. Study hard and minimize stress! Good luck to everyone on midterms!

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