Market Days

Written By: Zachary Singer

Every Wednesday as you make your way to class, you may walk by the Student Union and see these crazy people selling and doing all sorts of crazy things. But these people are in fact not crazy; they are partaking in Market Days!

Between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. the Student Union Plaza turns into a farmers and arts market, where you can buy all sorts of things like jewelry, t-shirts, kettle corn and you can support your favorite club or your favorite fraternity/sorority. Last week the Jax Chalk Fest was creating art in the middle of the Plaza. It’s a great place to meet up with friends to hang out or walk around and maybe even buy a few things. You can even eat lunch from one of the several vendors.  Cidney’s Bakery is one of the main attractions of Market Days, selling various baked goods. They serve up a mean banana bread.

Or maybe instead of buying jewelry and food, you like to bake and craft, instead of being a consuming you’re more of an entrepreneur.  Then maybe you should take your skills to the Plaza and become a vendor. Becoming a vendor at Market Days is almost as easy as getting a henna tattoo from one of the local vendors.

All you need to do is fill out a Market Days application from and submit it to Building 58, room 1302. Once approved, you are on your way to vending! Vending is not limited to students, anyone can vend at Market Days as long as they are approved.

Although getting started is easy, there are restrictions that limit what you are allowed to sell. These guidelines must be followed. The school restricts Market Day vendors from selling any prepackaged food such as cookies and donuts, as well as any foods or items that could be purchased on campus such as pizza and hamburgers. Beverages, chocolate, and anything like exotic pets that require a special license are also against the rules. There are also restrictions on selling anything with the UNF name or logo.

After you are approved, you can reserve a space. Once your space is reserved the only thing that is stopping you from setting up your tent from Market Days is a $37 dollar fee.

If you decide to set up a tent there here are a few tips recommended to help you get started and be successful. The first thing would be a tent. Without a tent you just have space, a tent helps you look professional and like you know what you’re doing. Colors, signs, and tablecloths help draw attention from passing students and faculty. The more you stand out, the better your chance at selling your wares. A credit card for debit cards machine would also be handy and expand your customer base because most kids on campus do not carry cash.

Market Days are every Wednesday, so whether you are a buyer or consumer, or someone who just wants to browse, Market Day is for you! Don’t hesitate, next time you’re on campus on a Wednesday, grab some snacks or some jewelry, or maybe stop by one of the commercial vendors, Market Days is sure to not disappoint.

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