Career Services

Written by: Dominique Monroe

I was a transfer student from Florida State College at Jacksonville, and to say the transition was scary is an understatement.  I felt nervous, overwhelmed, out of place, to say the least.  I dragged my mom to the campus each and every time I needed to come up here (before classes started) to handle paperwork and things of that nature. I came to campus twice just to figure out where my classes where.

The night before my first class I couldn’t sleep.  I made it to campus two hours early and after getting lost again I finally found my class. Once class ended I felt at ease. I realized that it felt just like my old college, but on a bigger scale. By the end of the first week I felt very comfortable on campus and started to make friends. Taking advantage of all the resources that UNF has to offer is something that every student should do.  You should get involved with Career Services, which is located in building two.  They offer help with resumes, workshops on interview tips, and host many career fairs throughout the year. Everyone in the office is very friendly and willing to help.

I wish I knew about their workshop on resuming building when I started here! They have been very helpful.  Their goal is to make the transition from school to career as smooth and easy as possible. My internship with Northwestern Mutual would not have happened if career services hadn’t hosted a career fair. They also helped me with tips on how to handle a career fair, what to say, how to act and how to dress. They helped me prepare a speech to approach employers and showcase my strengths. They also worked on my resume.

Skills to Achieve Results

Career Services also has a program called the S.T.A.R Program. This program consists of classes you take in order to better your interviewing skills and resumes. You will find yourself practicing interviews and anything else that will improve your chances of getting a job. Once you complete the program you are accredited and then when UNF hosts career fairs you can wear the star and employers will know you went through the course and completed it.

I take full advantage of this and other programs that UNF provides. Through career wings you can attend info sessions that are held with different organizations and different companies that are looking to hire or provide you with internships. These info sessions are held right here on campus. They events are held throughout the year. Career services usually has a different company or organization on campus each week, so fill out a profile online with career wings and from there you can sign up and register for the events and start the process of planning your future after college.

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