Summer “Vacation:” South America

Chilean Mountians
Chilean Mountains

Greetings from South America! Okay, I am not currently in South America, but I just recently returned from a two week trip to our neighbors south of the equator.

UNF is proud of our diverse student population. We are always looking for ways to bring new cultures, backgrounds and points-of-view to our campus. This year, our International Center invited me to tag along on an International Recruitment trip. Ruth Lopez, Assistant Director of the International Center, and I set out on June 4 to conquer Santiago, Chile and Lima, Peru.

After an eight-hour, overnight flight we landed in Santiago at 8:00 am Sunday, June 5. We used the day to do a little sightseeing before getting to work on Monday. During the week, we visited with local high school counselors and students. We also met with representatives from the Fulbright Commission and EducationUSA. We ended our week on Friday by stocking up on gifts and souvenirs and then flying on to Lima.


We arrived at our Lima hotel around 11:00 pm Friday evening. On Saturday we toured historical downtown Lima. We even got a chance to visit the Lima catacombs, where over 25,000 people were once laid to rest (come on, you have to admit that the idea of seeing that many skeletons is pretty cool!).  Saturday evening we got to experience Lima’s beautiful Parque Reserva. This park showcases 13 spectacular water fountains. In fact, it holds the world record for the largest fountain complex! On Sunday we visited the Pachacamac ancient ruins. The Pachacamac site is home to at least 17 pyramids and a variety of burial sites that date back to pre-Incan tribes.

Your new Peruvian Friends
New Peruvian Friends

On Monday, we resumed our recruitment efforts once again. Over the next five days we visited 7 high schools, as well as the Lima offices for the Fulbright Commission and EducationUSA.

We left our hotel, airport bound, at 4:00 am on Saturday, June 18. We finally landed back in Jacksonville around 8:00 pm. Although we were both exhausted and glad to be home, Ruth and I thoroughly enjoyed our time abroad!

This just goes to show, you should always keep your eye out because you never know where you may find an Osprey!

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